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Happy & Sappy is a 5 min­ute music video cre­at­ed using pro­ce­dur­al anima­tion tech­niques. A geo­met­ric al­go­rithm was de­sign­ed in soft­ware and param­eter­ized so that sev­eral scenes with vary­ing ex­pres­sions were pro­duc­ed. The pieces were then edit­ed to the mu­sic of a Jap­a­nese band (Cornelius).
Please note that due to the high amount of comp­res­sion nec­es­sary and the comp­li­ca­ted graph­ics, the vid­eo con­tain­ed here does not do the orig­inal much jus­tice. A down­load link is pro­vided on the vid­eo page for a high­er qual­ity ver­sion.
Video (5 min, low-quality)
For high-quality click here