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I-Liner is experi­mental soft­ware design­ed around the study of til­ings for the plane. The soft­ware was written to help pattern design­ers more easi­ly de­velop seem­less patterns and to make the ad­vant­ages of geo­met­ric design accessible to users. The pro­gram makes use of the 14 wall­paper groups, allow­ing the user to draw a motif and have various geo­met­ric trans­for­ma­tions applied to the mo­tif auto­matically. Only basic function­ality was implement­ed and the soft­ware was writt­en to run in a web browser using ActionScript 3.0.
This video (1.5 min) is a demonstra­tion of the soft­ware. Several test-­runs are shown. The inter­face con­sists of various til­ings and lattices avail­able on the left side of the screen, below the tools. A render window appears on the right, and the artist draws onto the square in the center of the screen.