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Memory Box is a prim­or­dial imp­le­men­ta­tion of an audio sampl­ing se­quen­cer. The idea was to use low-­cost voice-­record­ing pro­ducts found in key-­chains, as sampl­ing banks for ex­per­i­mental audio clips of en­viron­ments or voices. Results were varied, but the instru­ment finds its place in my ex­peri­mental sound­scape reper­toire.
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Video (1.5 min) demon­strat­ing the diff­er­ent mod­if­ica­tions that can be applied to the sequen­cer as­pect of the de­vice (main­ly vol­ume and tem­po). The actual record­ing of the samples was done us­ing a micro­phone and a fal­setto voice prior to the video.
Please pardon the poor audio quality of the camera.
An early bread­board proto­type test­ing the control of the key-­chains.
The bank of voice recorders used for the sampler memory.
The final "logic" board making use of some oddly sizes components :)