Dream Room 1 (In Progress) is the first in a series of installations. The series revolves around fulfilling an environmental fantasy that would normally be unattainable in real life. This first piece, which is still in development, is a synaesthesic room. Visual patterns are selected from a bank of thousands and projected on the walls, meanwhile, software creates auditory signals derived from the visual patterns. In this way, the audio and visual worlds coalesce allowing the viewer to enter an abnormal and possibly elevated state.
Video (1.5 min). This video shows several different testing phases of the software. At times, two projectors and two sets of speakers are used to combine patterns and sounds.
The software that selects the patterns was developed as a Mac OSX application in C++. A screenshot is visible above. Patterns are generated in OpenGL and audio is generated via one of many custom conversion algorithms. The software was also able to communicate to multiple running versions via a UDP connection allowing multiple projecttions to be overlapped and harmonized.
A max patch created to allow a wearable or generic interface to control the patterns and frequencies generated by the software.
Video (6 min). This video is documentation of a performance from January of 2011 in Boras Sweden. The code for the Dream Room 1 projections was combined with the Electric Ribbon project to enhance the visual audio experience.