A 2-year project involving the development of textile-based modules and interfaces for the control and synthesis of music during performance. A textile instrument provides a natural link between action and sound, enabling alternative compositions and improvisations impossible with traditional instruments. Click the icons to the right to view videos and images from the project.
This was a collaboration with Daniel Riley and sponsored by The Swedish School of Textiles.
Nomad (left), Creature (right)
The process was literally the making of a band, from instrument design to character designs consisting of imaginary figures: Nomad, Dream Weaver, Creature, and Shepherd. The final result is organized in the context of a ritualistic performance art piece in a controlled sound environment, this ritual is to be a catalyst in strengthening social bonds between the characters.
Textilen involves challenging the traditional perception of a textile garment as solely a vehicle for visual and tactile stimulus by incorporating auditory stimuli, which complements the patterns, colors and textures of the existing material. The visual language of the textile is reflected in the musical language created by the piece, acting as if the materials were sheets of music for an orchestration.
Jaquard Knit with lenticular structures
Exhbition at Textil Museet Boras, Sweden
Sound Performance.
Music Performance at Textil Museet Boras, Sweden
Pictured above is one of the prototypes for a vest that has multiple control sensors on the chest. Sensors could be configured like piano keys, or be triggered by more emotive brushing strokes.
First version of a PCB designed for Electric Ribbon. This circuit contains a microcontroller with custom firmware, wireless capabilities for communicating sensor data, and a capacitive sensing system that connects to the sensors embedded in the textile.
Developing flexible textiles that worked well with electronics was the most challenging aspect of the project. Pictured above is a custom weave designed to serve as both a signal bus and a sensing element.
Narrow Weaving Fabric with Conductive Filaments. Produced at Remfabriken, Goteborg Sweden.
A portable synthesizer with jacket plugs
2 years were spent researching textile and sound cooperations. The video above is an attempt at covering those two years in four minutes; from experiment to product.