Project Integrity is a research project for finding creative solutions and humanistic values in creating a smart material for slum villages of Uganda. The aim of this project was to investigate how this new smart textile arena can be the playground for developing a new set of products that address the question of integrity and to introduce a new level of integration of smart textile in R&D, education, and social interactions within the community. The work continued to prevail on site applications in creating a solar powered textile material that could distill water in the slum villages of Kampala, Uganda.
A native basket weaver creating handi-crafts for NAWOU Women Organization.
Bixa Orellana, a natural dye plant used for ecological dye treatment onto fabrics.
In Kampala, we presented a seminar in Smart Textiles and a hands-on workshop at Makere University. The discussion aimed to address questions in how artists are able to create a viable public art display that was also functioned as a water purifier. Students and teachers collaborated in finding local/ found resources to create a large-scale sculpture that could potentially distill water.
A short documentary about native handi-crafts in Kampala, Uganda and surrounding areas.